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Walk, Bike, Ride forum in South Lake Union

There will be another Walk, Bike, Ride forum this coming Tuesday in South Lake Union. From the event description:

When it comes to getting around easily without a car, the City wants to know what is – and what isn’t – working for you. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans help guide the City’s improvements for biking and walking, and Mayor Mike McGinn is currently updating the Transit Master Plan. Join us to learn more about these plans and talk with representatives from the Department of Transportation about where you think there is the most trouble – and the most potential – for transit, pedestrian and bicycle enhancements.

The South Lake Union Seattle PI blog has more details on this event and on other projects in the neighborhood that affect pedestrians.

This currently appears to be the last Walk, Bike, Ride event on the calendar, however more may be scheduled.


Pedestrian routes during 45th St viaduct closure

From SDOT’s blog:

The NE 45th St Viaduct Project is not only replacing the old timber structure to the west – it’s also inspired a new outreach effort. The project includes a program to encourage walking, biking, and riding during and after construction. A “Bike, Bus, Walk Map” of the project area shows specific bus routes, biking options, walking distances and Zipcar locations.

The map also shows a pedestrian detour route while the viaduct is under construction.


Walk Bike Ride Community Meetings

SDOT reports on some upcoming community meetings for Walk Bike Ride.

Attendees will learn more about Walk Bike Ride, get more information on what types of projects are possible, and fill out a “ballot” that will help us think about how we prioritize these types of transportation projects.

There are two remaining meetings – both at 6 pm, on June 14 & 21.