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New crosswalks this fall

Five new crosswalks are being installed this fall by SDOT including the new crosswalk in Phinney Ridge that we linked to a few weeks ago.

SDOT crews are preparing to mark three new crosswalks on Roosevelt Way NE between NE 90th Street and NE 97th Street. These new crossing will improve pedestrian mobility between the shops, restaurants, and transit stops in this neighborhood commercial area. The new crosswalks will be installed on Roosevelt Way NE at NE 90th Street, NE 92nd Street, and NE 97th Street.

Another marked crossing will soon be installed at the intersection of Hillside Drive E and Lake Washington Boulevard E in the Denny-Blaine neighborhood. This crossing will enhance Lakeview Park which is bisected by Lake Washington Boulevard. The new crossing will link the forested trails on the west side of the street with the sweeping Lake Washington and Cascade Mountain Range views on the east.

All five of these new crosswalks have one thing in common – they were requested by residents. Do you know a great location that should be considered for a new marked crosswalk? If so, drop us a line at walkandbike@seattle.gov and we’ll check it out.


Crosswalk finished on Phinney Ridge

PhinneyWood reports that the crosswalk at NW 73rd St and 8th Ave NW has new curb ramps and has been striped. The intersection has bus stops on both sides, so this new crosswalk should make crossing the street safer.


Walking school bus

Recently the Seattle Times profileed the walking school bus of West Woodland Elementary in Phinney Ridge:

This well-oiled machine of chattering kids and banging backpacks has been running since 2005. So when West Woodland decided to take part in National Walk to School Day last week, and expand it into “Walk and Wheel Month,” well, this was the group to emulate.

Nationwide, 3,384 schools have groups like this one; in the Seattle area, 18 schools are walking and wheeling this month — and there’s no reason not to do it all year. The kids are exercising, their families are bonding, and in the process, our somewhat disparate neighborhoods are being threaded together into a quilt of trust and familiarity.


Greenwood/Phinney Summer Streets

This Friday, August 13 from 6-9, Greenwood/Phinney Avenues are open to people:

On Friday, August 13 Greenwood Avenue/Phinney Avenue from N 87th Street to N 65th Street is being opened up from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Greenwood/Phinney Chamber of Commerce has partnered with us to make this a great event.

It’s everybody’s street. Imagine the possibilities. This event is being held during the monthly Art Up Art Walk. Come out and enjoy great food, mingle with your neighbors, look at great art and support local businesses. The Gumshoe 5K starts the same day and Seattle Children’s is sponsoring a kid’s obstacle course and there will be skateboard demos with free helmet give-aways. Everyone is invited.

Additionally, Mayor McGinn will be giving out prizes from the Walk Bike Ride challenge at the intersection of 74th Street and Greenwood Avenue.


Walking Phinney Ridge

This neighborhood near Woodland Park Zoo is a pleasant neighborhood that’s worth a stroll through.

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Start near the zoo along Phinney Ave N. The 5 bus will take you right there. There is also street parking in the area, click for driving directions.

Head north along Phinney Ave. The zoo entrance is on your right, and there is also a large water tower. Soon, you’ll walk along a short bridge over 57th St.

This area was served by a streetcar starting in 1906. The street is lined with historic apartment buildings, stores, churches, and houses.

Home along Phinney Ave N

Home along Phinney Ave N

Despite a being such a narrow street, 65th St is an east-west arterial, which you’ll cross over shortly.

Shortly after that you’ll reach the Phinney Neighborhood Center, which is housed in the original Allen School building. The Center hosts various community events, including art exhibits and classes.

Follow the road as it veers left and aligns with Greenwood Ave N. You’ll pass by the original location of Red Mill Burgers, one of the more popular burger joints in town.

On the left, you’ll pass Espresso Dental – a uniquely Seattle kind of a place.

Continue walking for several more blocks. At 80th St, turn right and continue for another block to turn right on Dayton Ave N.

This section of the walk is residential with occasional views to the east toward Green Lake. Watch carefully for cross traffic as the hills can make these intersections dangerous.

Green Lake from Dayton Ave

Green Lake from Dayton Ave, watch out for traffic

Be especially careful crossing 65th St. Pedestrians do have the right of way here. Go left along 65th for half a block, before turning right back along Dayton Ave N. After a block along Dayton Ave N, turn right on 64th and left again to stay along Dayton Ave N.

Enjoy the landscaped houses that you walk past and continue to N 59th St and turn right. Then, turn left on Phinney Ave N and return to your starting location.

highlights: places to eat and shop along Phinney Ave, peaceful neighborhood, nicely landscaped homes

lowlights: many intersections to cross