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Pedestrian threatened after walking in front of vehicle

A driver pulled a gun on a man and his son after they walked in front of his vehicle. From SeattleCrime.com:

The man told police the driver had honked at them as they crossed in front of his vehicle, and that he had shouted “slow down” at the driver.

The driver then opened up his car door, got out, and racked the slide of a black handgun.

The victim then toooootally heckled the driver, shouting “what, you’re gonna use a gun now?”

The driver got back in his gold Lexus SUV and drove off.


Thornton Creek Nature Walk

This Saturday, join Feet First for a nature walk at Thornton Creek at 10 am:

This two hour walk is guided by Ruth Williams, Thornton Creek Alliance and Chas Redmond, Boardmember of Feet First. The walk begins at Meadowbrook Ponds and ends at Mathews Beach. Enjoy two parks, the creek, and the learn about the many creatures that call the watershed home.

There is a $5-10 suggested donation and the walk begins and ends at Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Ave NE:

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Re-paving a pedestrian pathway

SDOT’s blog shows the makeover of a sidewalk along Northgate Way. The asphalt had degraded as greenery had grown onto the path and after receiving a request, SDOT repaved it with funds from the Bridging the Gap initiative.


15th Ave NE Bridge closure

The 15th Ave NE bridge over Thornton Creek near 105th St will be closed for the next 11 months for repair and pedestrian improvements.

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For anyone trying to walk across the bridge, the closest crossing is along Roosevelt Way, which is parallel to 15th and about a 5 minute walk west. This area has a walkscore of 78, so the bridge may likely be frequented by people who live in the area. However, the inconvenience to these pedestrians is not without benefit, as when the bridge re-opens, there will be a railing to separate vehicle traffic from the sidewalk.