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Public spaces downtown

Downtown is short on city parks, but there are quite a few public spaces that are privately owned. If you’re looking for a place downtown to stop and read a book, eat lunch, or just hang out, check out this handy-dandy map:

View Seattle’s Privately Owned Public Spaces in a larger map


Map of all Seattle Stairways

There is a map that shows all stairways in the city of Seattle, at around 650, including suggested walking routes and more information.

This was part of a blogger’s New Year’s resolution to map, climb, and photograph all stairways in the city in 2010. Seattle All Stairs has a map of all the stairways in the city as well as 29 different walks to take.


SDOT releases Seattle Walking Map

SDOT has announced a city-wide walking map:

Planning to get out and walk for fun and/or exercise? Now SDOT has a map just for you! The Seattle Walking Map was designed to help you choose a walking route that best suits your interests and fitness level. Now there’s no reason not to get out and explore Seattle. Whether you are new to Seattle or have lived here forever, the map will help you view the city up close and personal.

The walking map shows various routes throughout the city, along with an estimated number of minutes it takes to walk each segment of each route. You can download and print PDFs to take with you, or pull up the site on your phone when you’re out and about.

Clip of SDOT's Walking Map

Clip of SDOT's Walking Map near Loyal Heights and Golden Gardens Park

At first glance, this appears to be a pretty good guide if you’re looking to explore another neighborhood or just want to try a new route to walk near home or work. Most areas of the city are covered well and the routes appear to be worth taking. Strangely, there are almost no routes in Magnolia, and the greatest density of walking options is in West Seattle.

Still, this seems to be another cool tool for people who like to walk in Seattle, in addition to walking routes on this blog and various books on the subject. What do you all think about this?


Madrona Walking Maps Available

From Central District News:

The 2010 updated edition of the Madrona walking map and business directory brochure is now printed and available at local businesses. This is the second time BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) have produced a walking map, which is designed to encourage foot traffic and increase exposure of some of the more out of the way shops and services.

You can pick up your copy at any of the usual suspects in the main business district.