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Green Street in the International District

Maynard Ave S in the International District is one of Seattle’s newest green streets:

What is a “green street” you ask? Well, it’s a non-arterial street with dense, residential land uses that is designed to enhance pedestrian circulation and create open space opportunities where adequate public open space is lacking. The street should attract pedestrians through a vibrant environment that strengthens connections between residential enclaves and other Downtown amenities. While improving the streetscape for pedestrians, bicycles and transit patrons, the street should support economic activity while maximizing opportunities for trees and other landscaping.

The design of Maynard Avenue S honors the Japanese American experience “rooted in the historical ‘Nihonmachi’ or ‘Japantown’ neighborhood. With the goal to support sustainable development, the project captures rainwater from Nihonmachi Terrace Apartment’s roof and stores the water in a cistern. The rainwater is then pumped to a series of planters by an imported traditional Japanese hand pump that is mounted on the cistern. As the rain water moves through the planters it irrigates the plants which, in turn, filter the remaining water before it flows into the city’s drainage system.

While SDOT may have missed an opportunity to improve a high profile all-way-walk intersection, these more modest improvements help to make Seattle’s neighborhoods more livable.


Mobility planning kickoff

Neighbohood groups in South Lake Union and Lower Queen Anne are holding a mobility planning kickoff meeting this Thursday. The mobility plan will integrate the various studies and current projects in these areas to create an overall transportation plan.

Join Mayor Mike McGinn, City Council Transportation Chair Tom Rasmussen & City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw at the Kick-Off Open House for the SLU and Uptown Queen Anne Mobility Plan, Thursday Nov. 4; Seattle Center Northwest Rooms, 4:30 p.m.

The organizers are seeking input from the community on connecting the two neighborhoods, planning for a multi-modal transportation system and growing the transit options, as well as enhancing the street experience. You can find more and RSVP at the meeting’s facebook page.

There will also be an opportunity to review and comment on the Thomas Street green street proposal. Here’s an editorial from Publicola on the deficiencies in the design of the green street.


New green street: Terry Avenue

SDOT is transforming a one-block-long section of Terry Avenue in the Denny Triangle into a green street.

SDOT will narrow the roadway and remove 35 on-street parking spaces, replacing them with landscaping (including 13 trees) and wider sidewalks. Three granite slab benches will be added. The total cost is approximately $500,000, funded primarily by a Federal Transit Administration grant with additional money from local grants.

The street has not been very heavily used by pedestrians or by vehicle traffic. It’s not a particularly enjoyable street to walk along, though this project won’t do anything about the poor streetscape created by the buildings on this block. Still, it’s nice to see another street made more pleasant for walking on.