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Walking through Eastlake

Eastlake is a relatively quiet and historic neighborhood on the east side of Lake Union that is nice to stroll through.

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Start at the south end of the University Street bridge. You can find street parking nearby, or arrive here by the 70, 66, 71 (local), 72 (local), or 73 (local) bus.

At the east corner of Eastlake Ave E and Fuhrman Ave E is the location of the original Red Robin restaurant (now closed). At the south corner is the Martello, Eastlake’s most architecturally significant building in Norman French style. It was was built in 1916 as a private residence and converted to a furniture store in 1920. It currently houses Romio’s Pizza and Pasta as well as condominiums.

Head south along Eastlake Ave E on the west side of the street toward the I-5 bridge. Several condominiums have been built along Eastlake Ave on the north and south ends of Eastlake.

Harvard Ave splits off from Eastlake Ave to the left and heads toward Capitol Hill. Keep walking and you’ll pass Lake Union Cafe and a Psychic Palmist.

After crossing E Allison St and passing the Eastlake Bar and Grill, you’ll approach a wooded area on the right. This is the upper part of Fairview Park. Feel free to take a seat at one of the benches, though the trees obscure the view somewhat.

Head down the stairs toward the lake. If you desire an easier walk, feel free to continue along Eastlake. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the stairs, turn left to take the sidewalk along Fairview Ave. You’ll pass by the Eastlake P-Patch and then the sidewalk will end. Cross Fairview Ave where the sidewalk continues along the water.

At E Hamlin St, turn left up the hill back to E Eastlake Ave. Turn right at E Eastlake Ave and continue toward the heart of Eastlake. At E Roanoke St, you’ll see Rogers Playground, which was named after a former governor in time for the 1909 Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exhibition. You’ll soon pass a few restaurants and other local establishments.

You can turn around wherever you wish, but our route will end at Garfield St where you can cross and walk back along the other side of Eastlake Ave.

highlights: street-level retail, lake view, historic architecture, quiet, few traffic signals to wait for

lowlights: steep hill to the lake shore, not as many places to eat or things to do as other neighborhoods