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Neighborhood improvements by SDOT

It’s always exciting to see the before and after photos that SDOT shares from neighborhood pedestrian improvements. Click for photos and more details on improvements at Ravenna Ave NE and Lake City Way NE as well as Lakeview Blvd and Harvard Ave E.


Pedestrian improvements in the Rainier Valley

The Rainier Valley Post (via Publicola) reports that SDOT is doing some construction along Rainier Ave. Most of these improvements are transit-oriented, to the benefit of the riders of the popular bus route 7.

Pedestrians will benefit, too, with new pedestrian signals across Rainier at 39th Ave S and at S Fronteac St. Some crosswalks will be repainted and curb ramps will be added in several places along the street.

The project is expected to continue through the end of the year.