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Improvements to Ravenna intersection

The intersection of NE 55th Street, Ravenna Boulevard NE and 22nd Avenue NE will be seeing some improvements soon. The intersection will be reconfigured to be safer for pedestrians. New pedestrian ramps will be added and the crosswalks will be restriped. SDOT has a PDF of the new design, which also includes a bioswale and new green space. This project is being funded by Bridging The Gap and the Neighborhood Projects Fund.


Last year’s improvements thanks to Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap transportation levy approved by voters in 2006 continues to pay dividends for pedestrians. Last year, SDOT announces, the levy paid for 15 blocks of new sidewalk and repairs to 23 blocks of existing sidewalks. 40 intersections received new pedestrian countdown signals. There were also 42 crossing improvements and 630 crosswalks re-striped.

Since 2006, 69 blocks of new sidewalk have been constructed and 89 blocks have been repaired. 3,312 crosswalks have been re-striped. The program will continue through 2016, so we should continue to see many important improvements to pedestrian infrastructure.


Neighborhood street project fund recipients announced

The city has announced which neighborhood projects would receive funding in the upcoming year. From the city’s press release:

Mayor Mike McGinn today announced 11 projects that will be constructed through the Neighborhood Street Fund Large Project program. Utilizing funds from the voter-approved Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation levy, the city will invest $4.7 million over the next three years in these new projects.

“The Neighborhood Street Fund is a great way for neighborhood leaders to identify and fund small projects that can make a big difference locally,” said McGinn. “Every neighborhood plan identifies safe and walkable streets as a high priority – this fund supports that priority.”

Here is the list of projects:

(Hat tip Seattle Transit Blog)


Stairway improvements

SDOT maintains more than roads and sidewalks, but also the many public stairways in the city.

Most of Seattle’s stairways were built between 1920 and 1950, at the time the city’s street system was being completed. Where grades were too steep for a street, stairways were built. Now 70 to 80 years old, many need repairs and upgrades to meet today’s safety standards. Bridging the Gap funds enable safety improvements (such as proper step height, tread width, rail height, and distance between landings) in addition to repairs.

There are five stairways being rehabilitated this year by SDOT, as shown below:

View Stairway improvements in a larger map


New sidewalks thanks to Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap levy approved by voters in 2006 has led to quite a few pedestrian improvements – 54 blocks of new sidewalk, in fact. Check out a few photos from SDOT of recent sidewalk construction that has helped make it easier and safer to get around on foot in Seattle.