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Ballard bridge sidewalk closed for painting

Sidewalks on the Ballard Bridge will be closed over the next several weeks as work is done to repair and paint the handrails.

The sidewalk on the east side of the bridge is now closed through August 30th. On August 31, or shortly thereafter, the sidewalk on the west side will close for three weeks. The sidewalks will be closed around the clock, Monday through Friday, and will reopen for weekends.

The public stairway is partially closed. Access to the west sidewalk is open, but access to the east sidewalk is closed. This situation will reverse when the contractor moves the handrail painting to the west side of the bridge.

Detour signs direct pedestrians to the side not being painted.

Bicyclists are encouraged to use one of the alternate detour routes being provided; either the Ballard Locks or the Fremont Bridge. Alternately, if using a detour route is a hardship, bicyclists may use the sidewalk not being painted. However, due to the narrowness of the sidewalks and the contra-flow bike traffic, bicyclists will be required to dismount and walk their bikes across the bridge.


Smoother sidewalks on Rizal Bridge

The Jose B Rizal bridge, which links Beacon Hill to the International District, has been made over to help extend the life of the bridge. The SDOT Blog profiles this project:

The extensive rehabilitation project included repairing concrete spallings on the bridge deck; installing a new sidewalk concrete overlay; repairing and sealing cracks in the concrete; and repairing or replacing deteriorating expansion joints and a concrete girder. This critical work will extend the life of the bridge for many decades to come.

Photos on the SDOT blog show the smooth new sidewalk.


15th Ave NE Bridge closure

The 15th Ave NE bridge over Thornton Creek near 105th St will be closed for the next 11 months for repair and pedestrian improvements.

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For anyone trying to walk across the bridge, the closest crossing is along Roosevelt Way, which is parallel to 15th and about a 5 minute walk west. This area has a walkscore of 78, so the bridge may likely be frequented by people who live in the area. However, the inconvenience to these pedestrians is not without benefit, as when the bridge re-opens, there will be a railing to separate vehicle traffic from the sidewalk.


Pedestrian routes during 45th St viaduct closure

From SDOT’s blog:

The NE 45th St Viaduct Project is not only replacing the old timber structure to the west – it’s also inspired a new outreach effort. The project includes a program to encourage walking, biking, and riding during and after construction. A “Bike, Bus, Walk Map” of the project area shows specific bus routes, biking options, walking distances and Zipcar locations.

The map also shows a pedestrian detour route while the viaduct is under construction.


New pedestrian bridge to Safeco Field

A new bridge has been constructed along Royal Brougham Way to provide access to Safeco Field over the railroad tracks.

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This path along Royal Brougham is designed for pedestrians, especially to make it easy to get to the stadium from the light rail station just to the east. Furthermore, access to the ballpark won’t be interrupted by passing trains.

diagram of new bridge