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Sidewalk rehabilitation on S McClellan St

SDOT is repairing a block of sidewalk along S McClellan St near Beacon Hill between 24th and 25th Ave S. This route is one of few walking routes between Rainier Ave and Beacon Hill in this area. Construction will last for the duration of the week.

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Beacon Walks and Bikes

Beacon BIKES has a new name and a new website – Beacon Walks & Bikes at beaconwalksbikes.org.

Check out their site, which has a photo of an improved sidewalk at McClellan and Beacon Ave.


S Columbian Way improvements

SDOT has made several improvements along South Columbian Way. In addition to re-striping the roadway and installing curbs, the sidewalks have been raised and re-paved. These improvements create a safer and more pleasant pedestrian environment.


Beacon BIKES Event – Beacon Hill

Walk & Bike Beacon Hill

Neighborhood Transportation Summit
Beacon BIKES is hosting a neighborhood meeting to discuss exciting ways to improve safety and mobility while walking and biking on Beacon Hill! The event will be held this Saturday, November 20th, from 10am to noon at Beacon Hill International School.  Numerous activities are planned, including:

• Help design safe walking and biking routes for kids, seniors, and families

• See proposed routes and destinations

• Meet the planners from ALTA Design, Steve Durrant, RLA and Kim Voros.

• Bring your kids and learn about bike safety for children

When: Saturday, November 20th, 10am to noon

Where: Beacon Hill International School, 2025 14th Avenue South, Seattle

Refreshments will be served.  All ages are welcome and everyone’s invited, but if you can’t make it please look for Beacon Bikes on Facebook.

For more information, please contact Frederica Merrell, frmerrel@seattleschools.org.

Organized by Beacon Bikes and Alta Planning
with support from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods,
Beacon Hill International School, Bike Works and other Donors

WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF BEACON BIKES? To design, plan and steward the creation of a family bike and pedestrian circulation system for Beacon Hill based on the work of innovative Portland design firm Alta.  We aim to bring our community closer together by making our streets safer and encouraging people to get out of their cars and enjoy the neighborhood on foot and by bicycle.


Crossing improvements planned near Beacon Hill Station

A few months ago, Beacon Hill Blog drew attention to the unsafe conditions at the intersection of Beacon Ave S and Lander St. Since then, they have Beacon BIKES has met with SDOT to design a new crossing to allow pedestrians to cross more safely.


Trees to be planted along S Columbian Way

This Sunday from 8 am to 12:30, volunteers will be planting up to 100 trees along South Columbian Way near the VA Medical Center.

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Currently this stretch of road is somewhat barren and the addition of these trees will make the street much greener and more friendly for taking a stroll.

The new trees will be planted on South Columbian Way from South Oregon Street to Beacon Avenue South and adjacent streets. They will “green” the neighborhood, helping to transform this well-traveled corridor into a pedestrian and bike-friendly boulevard. The trees to be planted include nine different species to reflect the diversity of Seattle’s population and many diverse countries involved in similar events on this important date. The effort will supplement SDOT’s paving project on Columbian Way that is now nearing completion.

Visit the SDOT blog for more information.


Smoother sidewalks on Rizal Bridge

The Jose B Rizal bridge, which links Beacon Hill to the International District, has been made over to help extend the life of the bridge. The SDOT Blog profiles this project:

The extensive rehabilitation project included repairing concrete spallings on the bridge deck; installing a new sidewalk concrete overlay; repairing and sealing cracks in the concrete; and repairing or replacing deteriorating expansion joints and a concrete girder. This critical work will extend the life of the bridge for many decades to come.

Photos on the SDOT blog show the smooth new sidewalk.


Beacon Hill intersection needs attention

The Beacon Hill Blog writes that the Pedestrian crossing at Beacon and Lander demands attention.

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Since the light rail station opened last summer, the crosswalk at Beacon and Lander has become the busiest on Beacon Hill. The majority of the people exiting the station are headed west to go to the bank, Red Apple, the southbound bus stop, or home. All of these people must cross Beacon, and many get very creative in the process. Because the crossing is way out at the corner and runs diagonally to the corner away from Red Apple and the bus stop, many people choose to just cross through the middle of the street. Because the crosswalk—which now has flashing beacons and signage, but once only had markings on the pavement—is at the intersection with Lander, there is not only north-south traffic moving through but also people turning onto Beacon from Lander. With the long crossing, the multitude of car approaches, and the scurrying light rail riders, it is ripe for an accident.

The post also includes videos of the intersection, showing plenty of close calls between pedestrians and cars. Beacon BIKES! has been working with SDOT to improve this crossing.

If you want to get involved please email me at dsahearn@gmail.com, and attend the next Beacon BIKES! meeting on Monday, June 21, at 6:00 pm at the Beacon Hill Library, 2821 Beacon Avenue South.


Pedestrian hit by Link light rail train

It’s important to watch out for cars while walking, but any moving vehicle can be dangerous. In this case, a pedestrian was hit by a Link light rail train. Fortunately, the train was going slowly enough that injuries aren’t life threatening.

A teenager was taken to the hospital after being struck by a Sound Transit Light Rail train Friday afternoon.

It happened around 3:45 p.m. at S. Othello Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S.

A Sound Transit worker tells KING 5 the girl was on her cell phone when she walked in front of the train.

A Seattle Fire Department spokesperson says the girl was conscious and alert. It appears her injuries are non-life threatening. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.