Walk Bike Ride update

Several city councilmembers and other local leaders are participating in the city’s Walk Bike Challenge by cutting vehicle trips. And they’re blogging about it.

Go to read about councilmember Licata’s colorful experience on the 358. Or, since this is a walking blog, read about the pleasant walk had by the Director of the Department of Planning and Development. An even more positive experience was had by the Director of the Office of Economic Development:

An annual event I attend was held the evening of the 15th. Even though I was a running a bit late, I chose to walk to the event and arrived earlier than I expected. I realized that if I had driven, I would have still been looking for parking.

This part of the Walk Bike Ride initiative is about to wrap up at the end of this month, but hopefully these experiences help people to find easy ways to work walking into their lives.


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