Perspective on fixing the Mercer Mess

The project to fix the “Mercer Mess” has been somewhat controversial, as some drivers have complained about inadequate improvement to travel times.

However, this resident’s perspective highlights the benefits to pedestrians of this project:

I look forward to the day that I won’t have to take my life in my hands when walking along or crossing Valley. While the new sidewalks are a beautiful improvement, just as soon as they went in they became the preferred route for bicycle commuters, who tend to zoom up behind my preschooler and shout, ON YOUR LEFT. Of course, given the current state of Valley, the bikers don’t have much of a choice. I certainly wouldn’t feel safe pedaling into the sea of spaced-out drivers exiting the freeway, not to mention the dangers of old train tracks and the streetcar. Most drivers coming off of I-5 onto Valley don’t seem to realize that they are no longer on the freeway. Their goal is to get through the next light at any cost and they don’t register the possibility of bikers or pedestrians.


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