Running Tips in Seattle

This is a guest post from Heather Roberts

Living in a city of any large size be it Seattle or any other place offers great opportunities for some scenic routes, though there are some aspects of that that may need addressing. Walking and running are great ways to stimulate ourselves and to bring back that energy and drive we all need as time goes by. There are plenty of things in the urban environment which may get in our way so here are a few useful tips on the subject that may help you out:

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  1. Use local parks
    Although this is the most obvious choice for city walks and running many people still prefer to run around the neighborhood or down certain trails. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but parks offer the best air quality in cities and they have much less factors which may interrupt your training or walking. Keep in mind that big cities often suffer from excessive pollution regardless of the best attempts of the local government and that even the small amounts of smog we inhale daily are very bad for our overall health. The colder months of the year are known for better air quality than the hot and humid days of summer, so plan accordingly. For the most part Seattle is a much cleaner and better place than, say, some parts of New York, so it isn’t much of an issue but parks are still preferable spots. A great place is Washington Park and Gas Works Park also offers a neat place to walk and run and a great view of the skyline by Lake Union.
  2. Running in town
    You can always walk and run outside parks and the usual trails though you should always be aware of the traffic being there to cut you off and get in your way. There are a lot of nice places in town where you can enjoy a change of pace from the usual paths though there are a few things you should always keep in mind and most of all safety. Avoid running or walking in places you’ve never been to after dark and always carry your ID and enough cash tucked away safely where its unlikely to be found like socks or inner pockets of clothes. The areas Downtown and around Pike and Pine streets, South Dearborn Street to Yesler Way and to the east of I-5 on Yesler Way have been reported as the most common concentration of violent crimes by the Seattle PD. The last area is known for the murder of police officer Timothy Brenton back in 2009. Being in these areas in the dead of night and cutting corners through alleys is a recipe for trouble on the wrong day. Overall Seattle is much safer than other cities like New York or LA, but you should still use common sense when walking or running after dark.
  3. Embrace the city
    Interruptions are bound to happen when you walk the streets so be patient at crosswalks and traffic lights and if you’re running use the opportunity to stretch or do some squats instead of impatiently pacing in place. The city has a flow of its own, feel its rhythm and accept it as inevitable. When you are walking make sure you take breaks and pay attention to how your feet feel – concrete and asphalt are one of the worst surfaces to walk and run on because of their poor shock-absorbing qualities. This can give you joint pain and if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes even blisters. Use your common sense and do things in moderation.

This is a guest post from Heather Roberts. If you need more interesting destinations check:


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  • These are some great tips. I don’t live in Seattle but I am going to use these tips in my own city. I love to run in parks. It gives me a chance to kind of get away from the city without actually leaving the city.

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