A walker wonders: What do I do about a dangerous sidewalk?

A reader sends in a question about a dangerous sidwealk:

On Saturday night when walking to Husky Stadium I fell on a sidewalk that has buckled due to a tree between the sidewalk and Montlake and I have many questions?
#1 – How can I get someone to listen to me about getting this very dangerous patch of sidewalk fixed? I was not seriously injuried (that I know of) but it’s only a matter of time.
#2 – Is this a City of Seattle issue?
#3 – Does it do any good to fill out the form to request it gets fixed when there is so many that need help?
I have no intention of sueing them. I just want it fixed. It’s been getting worse over the years. Thank You for any help!!

According to the city, “Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. They must make sure snow and ice does not pose a hazard to pedestrians. They must also repair cracks and other damage.”

Even though it is the property-owner’s responsibility, you should still submit the city’s sidewalk repair form, as SDOT can mark the damaged area with paint to warn other pedestrians and issue a “Street Use Warning” to the property owner.


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  • Please use SDOT’s on line reporting form to let us know about sidewalk safety concerns. Information is sent to key staff for follow up. Typically sidewalk repair is the responsibility of the abutting property owner per Seattle Municipal Code though where city maintained trees are causing damage, the city is responsible for these repairs. SDOT gets many requests for sidewalk work and although there isn’t enough budget to permanently repair everything, we do try to address everything we’re made aware of to maintain a walkable city. Most funding for city sidewalk repair comes from Bridging the Gap levy funds (thank you Seattle!). With these funds, SDOT is able to repair over 44,000 square feet of sidewalk this year. Projects are prioritized to support the Pedestrian Master Plan and leverage other funding opportunities such as Arterial Street paving projects. You email me directly at: Liz.Ellis@Seattle.Gov Thank you. Liz Ellis, Sidewalk Safety Repair Program Manager.

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