SDOT stairway maintenance may be cut

The city’s proposed 2012 would enact cuts at SDOT that would defer stairway maintenance, according to a KOMO news report.

Last year’s budget dedicated over $1 million for stairways, including maintenance and funding from the Bridging the Gap levy. This year, however, $200,000 may be cut from SDOT’s stairway budget. The cuts would impact maintenance, including eliminating two positions – a stairway design and inspection engineer, and a stairway construction worker.

The potential cuts would mean that the city would no longer perform regular stairway inspections and would instead rely on existing assessment to prioritize improvements and maintenance.


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  • Though, of course, that funding and much more will be saved if people vote YES on Proposition 1. 15 percent of the funds raised are targeted to pedestrian and neighborhood safety projects. That a ton of money to make it safer and easier to walk in Seattle.

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