Blocking us from walking: Old red truck

This truck was spotted completely obstructing the sidewalk in Wallingford:
Red truck blocking sidewalk

We’re running a series to point out drivers who obstruct pedestrian mobility in the city. This includes drivers obstructing crosswalks, vehicles parked on sidewalks, delivery trucks blocking intersections, and Metro buses running the light.

Examples of vehicles obstructing pedestrian and bicycle movement are common throughout the city. And, if you’re a driver, you’ve probably found yourself in the wrong position from time to time as well. By calling out the most egregious examples, hopefully we can remind all drivers to be more careful how they use their vehicles.

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3 Responses to “Blocking us from walking: Old red truck”

  • What about bicyclists running stop signs and red lights or whizzing by unannounced on the sidewalk? I experience those every single day while walking and find the bikes much worse than cars and buses.

    • There’s more we all can do to respect walkers, including bicyclists, apparently. I’ve had hardly any problems with bikes, but feel free to submit any photos you have to illustrate what you’ve experienced.

      • Yeah, I can get behind what MH is saying. I am also perturbed by bicyclists on the sidewalk. But, more often than not I can look at the street I’m walking along and see that it’s just unsafe for bicyclists. Still, that being the case doesn’t entitle them to endanger pedestrians. I know it’s very annoying, but walking the bike on the sidewalk is really the best solution until streets see more amenable development.

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