Q & A with City Council Member Sally Clark

Sally ClarkWalking in Seattle is running a series to showcase the perspectives of prominent walkers in the city. This week’s Q&A is with Seattle City Council Member Sally Clark:

Walking in Seattle: Where is your favorite place in the city go for a walk?

Sally Clark: Depends on whether I’m with or without Bill, my dog.

If I’m with Bill, then a walk around Seward Park or up through Myrtle Edwards is my choice. However, he really likes a walk through the UW campus, too. The best walk event is when I have an un-programmed Thursday night. Bill and I can walk from our house in Brighton (south of Seward Park) to Columbia City to meet my partner for dinner. That’s a great neighborhood walk.

If I’m without Bill, perhaps skipping out of the office for fresh air, then a walk down to Pioneer Square for lunch at the Elliott Bay Café or something from Caffe Umbria.

Walking in Seattle: What do you like most about walking in the city of Seattle?

Sally Clark: I like the variety of options. You can do architecture walks in Pioneer Square or Capitol Hill or Magnolia. You can do a “poke around Pike Place Market” walk. You can wander South Lake Union down to the new park at the lake. In all of these you’re surrounded by what we’ve built. Or, you could opt to get lost in nature at Discovery Park, in Dead Horse Canyon or at Westcrest.

Walking in Seattle: What is the top thing you’d like to see improved for walking in the city of Seattle?

Sally Clark: I don’t think is particular just to Seattle. Those of us who drive have to remember we’re not in a race. Stopping to allow someone to cross is not a sign of weakness. Most of us are not brain surgeons on our way to emergency rooms.

Walking in Seattle: One last question – be honest, do you wait for the Crosswalk light?

Sally Clark: Official answer: Yes.

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