Petition to support NE 125th Road Diet

In response to opposition to changes that SDOT has recommended to 125th St NE, Cascade Bicycle club is circulating a petition in support. From Cascade (via Seattle Bike Blog):

NE 125th was chosen for this kind of project because too many drivers speed at over 40 mph – a deadly speed for the most vulnerable users of the road. More than half of collisions cause injuries on this stretch of road for drivers, passengers and bystanders. This is far higher than for most streets in the city. SDOT made the decision to move forward after careful study, and they will continue to collect data on the effectiveness of this safety project.Unfortunately, a group of well-meaning but misinformed people is pressuring our elected leaders to cancel this project. That is why it is so important to show our support for a safer street.

Click here for the petition


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