All the sidewalks in the world don’t protect us from this

Drunk drivers are a menace to pedestrians, bicyclists, other drivers, and private property. But, to the legal system, well, maybe DUI isn’t really that big of a deal. As reported in the Times this morning:

Last year, when Dwight David Benson was sentenced to an exceptional three-year jail term for his 12th drunken-driving conviction, he promised to “never drink and drive again.”

Last weekend — while free on bond pending an appeal of that sentence — the 64-year-old Benson crashed another car, apparently while drunk.

So after 12 drunk-driving convictions, a three year sentence was an exceptionally high sentence, and the offender was bailed out last June on appeal. Well, at least he’s probably going to lose that appeal now. Who knows how many other people like this are out there, so this is a good reminder to look both ways when you cross.


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