SDOT stairway repairs

An SDOT press release describes two ongoing stairway repairs:

SEATTLE — The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is currently rehabilitating two public stairways—one in West Seattle at SW Genesee Street between SW 22nd and SW 23rd streets, and one in Southeast Seattle at South Ferdinand Street and 31st Avenue South near the Columbia City light rail station.

The crews working on the Genesee Street stairway in West Seattle expect to complete the work by March. Work on the Ferdinand Street stairway in Southeast Seattle (Phase 2 of work that was completed last year) is scheduled for completion in May.

SDOT maintains approximately 480 public stairways. The stairs are important for helping pedestrians to get around in the city, since they traverse steep hills where streets do not continue through to the next block. They provide local access to schools, parks, bus stops, and business areas. Many are located in wooded areas, providing pleasant walks for recreation and exercise.

Have you used one or both of these stairways?  What kind of condition are they in?


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