Walking the new waterfront with Sally Bagshaw

Many people who support walkability are opposed to the Alaskan Way deep bore tunnel, but there’s no question that removing the viaduct presents an opportunity to transform the waterfront. Sally Bagshaw shares her vision for the waterfront:

I can just taste what our Waterfront will become. Imagine walking with me – or your best friend – just a few short years from now, from Safeco Field up to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Satisfied with another Mariner’s victory…

Her post includes conceptual renderings of the waterfront and imagines what the waterfront could become for walkers. Grab your walking shoes and rose-tinted sunglasses and take a stroll to the future.


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  • You actually can do this walk today. Better yet, with the viaduct as it is now, on rainy days you can walk under the viaduct up to the aquarium and not get wet.

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