This year’s new sidewalks

Pedestrians can look forward to 9 new sidewalks this year. SDOT carefully prioritizes sidewalks by looking at conditions along the roadway as well as location in the city. Roads that are unpleasant to walk along because they lack sidewalks and have high traffic volume would score high on the first category. Areas in the city that are well-used by pedestrians and are important for pedestrian mobility score well on the second criterion. The streets that will be receiving new sidewalks this year scored high on both.

SDOT is currently planning to build sidewalks in the following locations in 2011:

  • N 125 th Street between Greenwood Ave N & the Interurban Trail (north side)
  • 26 th Avenue NE between NE 125 th-127 th Streets (west side)
  • 8 th Avenue NE between NE 106 th St & NE Northgate Way (west side)
  • College Way N between N 97 th-100 th Streets (west side)
  • S McClellan Street between 25 th & 26 th Avenues S (north side)
  • 1 st Avenue S between S Dawson & Bennett Streets (west side)
  • 4 th Avenue S between S Fidalgo & Front Streets (east side)
  • SW Cloverdale Street between 8 th-9 th Avenues SW (south side)
  • SW Barton Place at 22 nd Avenue SW

2011 Sidewalk Projects


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