How SDOT chooses which sidewalks to improve

SDOT is currently selecting pedestrian improvements for 2011. Their blog gives some insight into this process:

Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan places a high value on data to determine where new projects will be built. SDOT planners utilize a wide variety of information when deciding where to build new sidewalks – existing facilities, the potential demand for new infrastructure, traffic volumes, street width, and socioeconomic and health factors to name just a few. The goal of this analysis is to focus investment in new infrastructure where people need it most. Once our data has been run through a Geographic Information System (GIS), our planners visit candidate project locations to ensure that the new facility can be built within our budget. If the project cost estimate exceeds the budget, we seek funding from other sources to complete the project.

SDOT has identified 9 locations in the city to build new sidewalks:

  • N 125 th Street between Greenwood Ave N & the Interurban Trail (north side)
  • 26 th Avenue NE between NE 125 th-127 th Streets (west side)
  • 8 th Avenue NE between NE 106 th St & NE Northgate Way (west side)
  • College Way N between N 97 th-100 th Streets (west side)
  • S McClellan Street between 25 th & 26 th Avenues S (north side)
  • 1 st Avenue S between S Dawson & Bennett Streets (west side)
  • 4 th Avenue S between S Fidalgo & Front Streets (east side)
  • SW Cloverdale Street between 8 th-9 th Avenues SW (south side)
  • SW Barton Place at 22 nd Avenue SW

Visit the Sidewalk Development Program website to see a map of these improved sidewalk locations.


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