Year of Seattle Parks

The City of Seattle has 403 parks.  One intrepid resident is on a quest to visit all of them in one year:

I know what you’re thinking. All the parks in the city of Seattle in one year? Piece o’cake. I thought the same thing, too…. this will be a fun, easy project. I’ll visit one park every week, I thought. Write a few notes about them and throw my musings up on a blog.

Well, much to my surprise when I visited the city’s web site I discovered that Seattle has 403 parks. No kidding.

Now, I’ve lived in Seattle for several years and really enjoy visiting parks for picnics, swimming and walking. And, I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about the parks in this city.

I had no idea.

There are parks I have literally never ever heard of. Like Albert Davis Park and Amy Yee Tennis Center. And, that’s just a couple from the “A”s. How about the tempting Beer Shiva Park and Benefit Playground? Or, the curiously named Condon Way Centerstrip and Counterbalance Park: An Urban Oasis. No clue about those either.

A Year of Seattle Parks contains information on each park visited so far along with photos and suggested walking routes. Stop by to find some new places to walk in the city.


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