Crossing improvements planned near Beacon Hill Station

A few months ago, Beacon Hill Blog drew attention to the unsafe conditions at the intersection of Beacon Ave S and Lander St. Since then, they have Beacon BIKES has met with SDOT to design a new crossing to allow pedestrians to cross more safely.


4 Responses to “Crossing improvements planned near Beacon Hill Station”

  • This is a simple, safe and great plan for little $. Thanks

  • This misrepresents the blog a bit, I think. The Beacon Hill Blog didn’t do anything to improve the pedestrian crossing. A community member, Dylan Ahearn, who occasionally posts opinion pieces on the blog did it in conjunction with the Beacon BIKES! organization, which is not affiliated with the blog.

    All the blog did was to post Dylan’s opinion pieces about the crossing.

    We are thrilled that Beacon BIKES! and SDOT are working on the crossing, but in no way is it true to say that Beacon Hill Blog met with SDOT to do this.

    Thanks for the link, though!

  • (I hope that didn’t sound mad. We just don’t want to take credit for something that Dylan and Beacon BIKES! should get the credit for.) 🙂

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