The longest walk

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4 Responses to “The longest walk”

  • What routes are the “More than 20 miles” people walking?

  • The vast majority of my Seattle treks have been drunken journeys home. My friend once walked from 47th and Brooklyn to 42nd and Genesee.

  • Once I walked about 17 miles through the city after I first moved here – from downtown through Pioneer Square, Yesler Terrace, First Hill, Capitol Hill, U District, Wallingford, Fremont, Lower Queen Anne, and back to downtown.

  • @sb: I live in Ballard, and I like parks, so a good 20-mile route for me would be to head to Woodland Park, over the top of Green Lake, Ravenna Park, Union Bay Natural Area, Volunteer Park, Cal Anderson, Pike Place Market, Sculpture Park/Myrtle Edwards, Magnolia Boulevard, Discovery, the Locks, and back home. To make it solidly “more than 20”, toss in Golden Gardens and it’s about 25.

    But I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done 20+ in one walk. I’ve walked 20+ in a day, but usually by combining a short walk in the morning and a long walk in the evening/night.

    And I’ll take this opportunity to recommend gmap-pedometer. It’s great both for figuring out mileage after the fact, and for planning walks of desired mileage.

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