Should Pike Place be closed to motor vehicles?

One of the best places in Seattle to experience on foot in Seattle is Pike Place market. However, with the crowds of tourists that the summer months bring, the people overflow from the sidewalks into the road and people compete for space with vehicles.

Jaywalking is legal around the market, but if the streets were closed to cars, people on foot could walk around with more freedom, turning the market into a great pedestrian plaza.

However, market vendors tend to prefer the current configuration, which allows access by delivery drivers and early-morning customers.

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4 Responses to “Should Pike Place be closed to motor vehicles?”

  • As it is now, cars have to behave as equals in a mix of pedestrians and the occasional bike. More of this please, make jaywalking legal and commonplace on most residential streets. This raises the bar on driver awareness, and for my money better involved drivers are safer drivers. So yes, keep it as it is as a model for more of the city.

  • What he said.

    (I hate “me too” comments, but, well…)

  • I like the thought there. I voted for closing the area to motor vehicles, though. While people driving and people walking are more equal on Pike Place than in most parts of the city, the cars take such a disproportionate amount of space and restrict pedestrian movement, especially where cars are parked.

  • I vote to leave it as is. It is already completely legal to “jaywalk” the entire area. Closing it would be a huge pain to any business trying to make deliveries. And I get a kick out of the tourists from Idaho or Arizona that try to drive down the middle only be to be completely surrounded by Seattlites dashing all around – it’s part of the experience. Now, on the other hand, re-closing Pine through Westlake would be largely beneficial and would help the downtown retail.

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