Go walk in a park for health benefits

Scientific studies have found that a walk in a green environment is good for your health. Benefits include improved immune system function, lowered blood pressure, and better feeling of overall health.

Fortunately, Seattle has plenty of green spaces to walk. There are a couple of good green environments to walk in that we’ve covered here already, including Volunteer Park, Schmitz Preserve Park, Seward Park, and Discovery Park Loop Trail.

What are your favorite green environments to walk in?


1 Response to “Go walk in a park for health benefits”

  • I have two favorites. Start at MOHAI and walk to Foster Island, then follow the trail all the way through the Arboretum until you reach Pacific Rim Garden and then turn back.
    The other favorite is to walk from the Arboretum through Interlaken Park to Volunteer Park. Climb to the top of the water tower for views that are better than the Space Needle and then head back

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