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How did the recent closure of Pike Pl affect vendors?

Drivers are currently not allowed to drive through Pike Place Market due to ongoing construction and road closures.

Some people feel that Pike Place Market should be closed to vehicles permanently. Vendors, however, prefer that the road remain open. Last year, we asked if the road should be closed and respondents came out heavily in favor of the idea. This is a walking blog, though, so that probably skewed the results.

If this were a real journalistic outlet, we would conduct interviews with vendors to provide some perspective. As it is, I can only offer my opinion that the Market is better off without cars.

Has anyone else been there with the road closed? How do you think it worked out?


Another reason to Walk: This Summer’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge

Walk, Bike, RideIf the underwhelming summer weather isn’t enough to get you outside and walking, the city’s Walk, Bike, Ride program continues to offer other incentives. From City of Seattle:

It’s always a great time to do more walking with Seattle DOT’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge, but like many things, summer is the best time to do it.  First, there’s the weather, the best time of year for active transportation.  Secondly, theJuly/August round of the Walk Bike Ride Challenge has the biggest set of prizes of the year:

  • ·         Electric bike from e-Moto
  • ·         Apple iPad
  • ·         Night stay at Pan Pacific Hotel in South Lake Union
  • ·         $250 Zipcar gift card
  • ·         $100 Nordstrom gift card (from Commute Seattle)
  • ·         $100 REI gift card
  • ·         $100 farmers’ market gift card (accepted at seven farmers’ markets)

The more trips you switch to walking, biking and transit, the more chances you earn to win prizes.

The program also helps you be more active, connect with people in your community, and make a difference along with others in the program.

people walkingSDOT will help you along the way with weekly emails with tips on getting around.  You can login to see how many car trips you have reduced, and even see the collective impact of everyone in the program.

Did you know that almost half of the trips Americans make are within two miles?  That’s a walkable, bikeable distance.  

“Summer is a great time to try walking, biking or riding transit to work, to get to know your neighborhood and to start lifetime habits that keep you healthy,” Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen said in a press release.

The Walk Bike Ride Challenge is part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Way to Go, Seattle! Program. It encourages people to walk, bike, ride transit and carpool more by offering incentives, tools and information and runs on a two month cycle. The current round is for July and August.

E-Moto Electric VehiclesPan Pacific Hotel, Zipcar, and Commute Seattle donated prizes to the program.

Click here to learn more or to register.