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One way to deal with beg buttons. Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

test Twitter Media - RT @typewriteralley: One way to deal with beg buttons.

Staring at a green car light in the direction I'm walking for upwards of a minute after I'm not allowed to cross is infuriating. Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

As much as I enjoy the tourist driver hazing, 50,000 pedestrians should be prioritized over 3,000 cars. @pike_place… Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

Just commented at tonight's @SeattlePed meeting asking to #GivePedstheGreen by eliminating beg buttons in some areas……

We're inspired by these DIY curb extensions from @WalkSF! Where would you like to see this temporary solution tested in Seattle? Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

Why is there a beg button all the way over here for the busy ped intersection at UW Station? #GivePedstheGreen…

test Twitter Media - Why is there a beg button all the way over here for the busy ped intersection at UW Station? #GivePedstheGreen

A crosswalk signal will be coming soon to west side of Denny / Terry intersection, once voted Worst Intersection in Seattle.

200 people have now signed to support this common-sense plan to automate pedestrian signals to #GivePedstheGreen…

Denny and 2nd, adjacent to the Seattle center is a beg button. 🙁 #givepedsthegreen Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

Every transit user knows the feeling of missing their bus because the walk signal didn't change #GivePedstheGreen……

Before construction 23rd & Madison would #GivePedsTheGreen. Newly rebuilt, it requires people walking to ask permission. Why, @seattledot? Retweeted by Walking in Seattle

We've reached 100 supporters! If you haven't signed it yet, go here to ban the beg button and #GivePedstheGreen…

@FEETFIRST_WA endorse this change to remove beg buttons and make for a more comfortable walking environment in Seattle #GivePedstheGreen…

Hey @SeaTransitBlog, getting to the bus or train often requires crossing the street; we'd love your endorsement to #GivePedstheGreen…

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Walking in Seattle slowdown

We’ve had quite a slow period here recently at Walking in Seattle and I’m just writing to formalize that a little bit.

When I started the blog at the beginning of 2010, it filled a niche as a local source of information for pedestrians. We started by focusing on local walking routes, started linking to local pedestrian news, and then slowed down on that as we did more original reporting and editorializing.

360 posts later, I just have a lot less to say, and it seems that the voice of this blog is fairly well represented by other sources out there. Seattle Bike Blog, Seattle Transit Blog, Feet First’s blog, and SDOT Blog are my go-to places for information, opinions, events, and analysis.

We’ll see if I regain the passion I had for blogging, but for now I’ll say thanks to those who have read or commented, and enjoy the final days of summer walking in Seattle.


Added more walking resources

Check out the resources tab at the top of the page for more walking resources. We’ve recently added links to more walking maps and walking routes, as well as SDOT contact information. There are also links to general walking information, pedestrian organizations, and walking books.


Contributors Welcome

Since Walking in Seattle was started in January of 2010, we’ve averaged about 4.5 new posts per week. That may slow down a little bit as I will have some other obligations over the next few months, like visitors, travel, and more work than normal at the job that I get paid for doing. Others are welcome to contribute to the blog to help keep up the pace.

One relatively easy thing that could be done is to link to and analyze pedestrian news from other sites. There is also an opportunity to do original reporting, which could be a good unpaid opportunity for any journalism student, or anyone who may want to give it a try. Thoughtful and considerate editorials and commentaries may also be welcome.

Feel free to send this link on to others who may be interested. If you want to contribute or have questions, please fill out our contact form.


New home:

We’ve moved to a new domain: Old links should continue to work and feed subscribers shouldn’t notice any changes (hopefully).

Mobile browsers can go to

Update: The mobile site isn’t working at the moment...

Update: Ok, the mobile site is working


Walking in Seattle now formatted for mobile devices

If you are using a mobile phone, you can now navigate to to view a mobile version of Walking in Seattle. You can also continue using the same link you’ve always used and the mobile theme should detect whether you’re using a mobile device. If the theme auto-detects incorrectly, you can scroll to the very bottom and click the link to switch which theme you prefer.


Share links and follow us on Twitter

To go along with the new look unveiled last weekend, we’ve also added a Share/Save button to the bottom of each post to allow you to easily bookmark, tweet, or like any blog post.

Additionally, Walking in Seattle is now tweeting new posts on Twitter @WalkingSeattle.


New Look

We’ve had a generic WordPress theme for long enough – it’s time Walking in Seattle has a look to call its own. With a custom header image and vivid color scheme, hopefully this makes your browsing experience more pleasant.

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The longest walk

What is the farthest you've ever walked in Seattle?

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Just returned to Seattle

I was out of town for the past week visiting family and just got back, so I wasn’t able to walk somewhere in Seattle and share another walking route here.

Now that I’m back, I’m even more thankful for the walkable neighborhoods and pleasant nature trails that Seattle has to offer. While there are myriad ways in which Seattle could become more walker-friendly, it’s still a more pleasant place to walk than many parts of the country.